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Top Tile Trends of 2016!

3-D walls and super-sized tiles are among the most popular tile designs and themes seen in modern homes. You may be wondering what type of tile materials they now use or probably the newest layouts as of this year. Don’t fret because we are here to provide you all the things that you need to know about the top tile trends of 2016! Continue reading.



Reputable ceramic companies are now producing fragmented patterns on rectangular and square tiles. They are now playing with the concept of modularity, which is good because they can now produce even larger compositions. The new tile layout pops with vivid and kaleidoscopic effects because of the mixture of geometric shapes.


There is a new shape that naturally emerges as a favorite in the tile industry every season. In the past year it was hexagon, and this year it is all about brick. Whether it is from polished to rustic or micro to macro, the designs are all different interpretations and variations of brick walls. The most popular varieties are old brick walls with random mortar spills, wood and marble designs on a brick format, and painted bricks.


This specific trend draws inspiration from a beautiful age-old pattern. Designers and homeowners all over the world are dressing up their walls and floors with these porcelains. Even Italian companies are mass producing herringbone and chevron tiles across all the available scales just to create patterns and designs that are stunning, but also easier to install. They range from brick, resin, and stone to painted wood and rustic looks.



This year, we have seen countless variations to the most basic design element which is the line. Vertical or horizontal, thick or thin, three-dimensional or flat, straight or intersecting, linear designs surely adds movement, focus, and depth to a room.


Italian tile companies have embraced one single trend and that is the tile’s transformation into objet d’art. Both pop art and street have influenced numerous styles of tiles.


Grey has been an all-time favorite among modern designers, but now it has increased its popularity in the popular culture. This year, an entire spectrum has been used in most tile introductions of tile companies, from cool slate tones to portmanteau of beige and grey. With a touch of chromatic variation, overlaid patterns, and texture, these tiles prove you do not need color for you to make a bold statement.


Tile companies have created ceramic tiles with wavy ridges, three-dimensional folds, asymmetrical profiles, and raised geometry because of continuously evolving technologies. Once these tiles are fitted together, it will create an amazing three-dimensional wall that boasts a seamless sculpted surface and it would surely draw anyone’s eye.


Tiles have become bigger and bigger each year. This means there are new design possibilities. Thin and large porcelain slabs, which can be utilized to cover surfaces such as furnishings and counter tops, are now made available in bigger sizes.

Tile trends come and go, but this year is more special because of its diversity. If you are thinking of giving your home a makeover, call your local tile installer immediately, and they would surely be happy to help you in making the best choices on what tile materials and layouts to use for your home improvement project.


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